CRIF Foundation Framework is a Digital Process Automation Platform allowing you to build highly configurable solutions through low-code means.

Thanks to the CRIF Foundation Framework, you have full control of the entire business process. Users do not need strong technical skills, but still have access to a wide range of features with a friendly and intuitive user interface.

Benefits for credit institutions

With the CRIF Foundation Framework, credit institutions can achieve significant benefits, such as:
complete business process automation;
real-time response to all people involved in the process (customers, internal resources, partners);
targeted assignment of activities directly to the operator, or to the system that will complete the next phase, including third parties or external partners;
cost reduction and better allocation of resources;
rapid adaptation of processes to market needs;
differentiated management of products and business strategies;
constant control of business processes through the use of targeted tools (escalation, timeout and notification) in addition to the use of the Web Front End component features (online work list, research and monitoring);
• ability to integrate the business process, from start to finish, with the institution’s own systems and those of partners;
• ability to automatically generate process documentation;
• possibility of automatically generating case documents starting from customized templates;
• ability to integrate external systems using the OmniChannel APIs, native to the framework.

Intelligent Automation Platform

CRIF Foundation Framework natively includes integration with the decision engine, thereby simplifying the implementation of business processes.
The product modular architecture allows you to accelerate the implementation of end-to-end solutions, reducing time-to-market, and helping you take advantage of the framework's features to reduce errors and minimize manual data input.

Use Cases

Origination Processes

The adoption of the CRIF Foundation Framework reduces the time-to-market in the creation of credit processes by means of native and ready-to-use tools.

CRIF has acquired solid experience in the implementation of credit origination processes accumulated over the last 20 years by leveraging CRIF's services and integrated solutions.

Connector Framework

The integration of decision support systems, the possibility of communicating with the information systems of the Institute and / or third parties and the targeted assignment of practices to the different types of users make CRIF Foundation Framework the ideal tool for evaluating customer credit applications quickly and accurately.

Thanks to its Connector Framework level, the CRIF Foundation Framework , permits you to create flexible and integrated processes with the bank's legacy systems, back offices, and external data sources of the bank.

An extremely configurable solution

CRIF Foundation Framework includes a Designer application that allows you to design and configure the business process, data mapping, and integrations with external systems with graphic tools (Drag & Drop).
The tool also offers tools for debugging the process and an entire section dedicated to the management of Test Cases with the ability to generate automatically reports, including the results of the tests.

Digital Lending Solution

CRIF Foundation Framework allows access to a library of shelf functions, based on experience gained over the years, which enables you to build a pleasant and effective Digital Landing extended to direct channels such as internet banking, mobile app, and public web site of the customer.

With the CRIF Foundation Framework, you can build end-to-end credit process by combining modular elements that allow high configurability and customization.

New technologies permit easy navigation on the different channels to ensure centralized orchestration from customer engagement to loan disbursement.

Microservices Architecture

With a microservices architecture, CRIF Foundation Framework uses the most modern containerization technologies. In this way, you can build highly modular and scalable DevOp-oriented solutions.

Discover more about CRIF Global Technologies (CRIF IT Division) experience on container platform.

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