CRIF BPO performs identification and income data checks on subjects applying for mortgages, loans, and other forms of finance, aimed at reducing fraud.
The fraud prevention checks performed by CRIF BPO focus on the identification of false or counterfeit income or identification documentation, and include consistency, formatting and formal correctness checks. The aim of the Fraud Prevention Check service is to return a result to credit institutions which quickly helps identify potentially fraudulent applications.

Over recent years, CRIF has become increasingly specialized in fraud prevention and has set up the CRIF Fraud Prevention Solutions competence center, which operates on an international level and collaborates with industry associations and law enforcement agencies, studying fraud and improving prevention tools.

CRIF Fraud Prevention Solutions participates in and accesses the Italian public fraud prevention system, SCIPAFI: this collaboration allows data from identification/income documents to be compared with those archived in public administration databases (INPS, INAIL, Italian Revenue Agency, Ministry of the Interior, and Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport).

In terms of increasing awareness, the CRIF Credit Fraud Survey is the reference publication for the Italian market and is a working tool for risk and fraud managers in the definition of control and prevention processes. The Survey provides important information on the most recent developments in fraud and the ways in which it is perpetrated, including in the light of international trends.