Discover the Patent Due Diligence Report, a new SkyMinder solution for the assessment of the innovation propensity and intangible assets of your business partners

For companies, protecting innovations is one of the most important things they can do to maintain their positioning in the marketplace and maintain a competitive advantage over other players, preventing other businesses from using these new ideas. It means that intangible assets like copyright, trademarks, goodwill, and especially patents have become increasingly crucial.

In the current economic scenario, companies are increasingly intelligence-intensive, rather than more labor-intensive as in the past. This means that the role of intangible assets has increased and having information related to value is strategic to assessing business partners.

A recent report by OceanTomo on S&P 500 firms, analyzing intangible and tangible assets, underlined that in 1975 intangible assets were 17%, in 1995 68%, and in 2020 90%.

Intangible assets, as opposed to tangible assets, have no physical form.

It’s clear that it’s easy to measure a company’s value based on tangible assets, such as land, factories, buildings, and equipment. As these are things that are possible to see and touch, it’s also easier to give them a value. However, valuing an intangible asset such as intellectual property, goodwill, or a brand is much more difficult as there aren’t any rules to apply.

One of the most common types of intangible assets, especially for hi-tech companies, are patents.

A patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor for a fixed period. A patent excludes others from making, using, or selling the item in question for the duration of the patent term. Once a patent has been granted to an inventor, that inventor has the legal authority to prohibit others from making or selling the invention in the country where the patent was granted.

Using big data and artificial intelligence, the SkyMinder Patent Due Diligence Report, created by InQuartik, provides information on the international patents of companies. Thanks to InQuartik it’s possible to obtain the right information to assign a value related to patents and use this in financial statements. The information provided includes Coverage and Status, Technologies, Owner, and Value.

The SkyMinder Due Diligence Report can be requested via the CRIF B2B risk information platform, developed to enable international trade, which provides information about companies anywhere in the world, without exception.

Thanks to the Patent Due Diligence Report, it is possible to obtain in-depth information about patents and assess a business in terms of its research and development approach. Available on companies across the globe, the SkyMinder Patent Due Diligence Report includes registrations made anywhere in the world.

The information in report includes: Overview, Geographical Coverage, Remaining Life, High Value, Technology/Deployment, Timeline, Peer Comparison, and Key Inventors.

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