Bologna, June 6, 2019

SkyMinder launches the salesforce app in partnership with INTERCODEC

CRIF,  a global company specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions is announcing the launch of SkyMinder for Salesforce developed in partnership with INTERCODEC, a Czech innovative consulting company in the optimization and implementation of business processes, Salesforce and corporate education.

SkyMinder for Salesforce allows customers to improve their decisional processes integrating in their CRM internal data related to an account with SkyMinder external data.  Through SkyMinder for Salesforce is possible to request best in class Credit Reports on companies all over the world, be alerted and updated if a change affects a company and consequently define quickly new decisions.

Considering the level of evaluation required for a particular account, it’s possible to choose the right SkyMinder Credit Report in order to obtain data automatically integrated into SkyMinder for Salesforce.

“In a worldwide environment moving very quickly and where decisions must be taken on high quality information, SkyMinder for Salesforce represents a strategic tool giving companies the opportunities to have in the same platform all information required in day by day business and be aware if changes affecting accounts”, explained Fabio Lazzarini CRIF International Development B2B Services Director.

“Provide best tools to market helping companies to optimize their internal process and improve their customer experience, especially using Salesforce technology is our main goal. It’s the reason why the integration with SkyMinder solutions can represent a good way to improve how currently businesses are taking decisions”, said Štěpán Víteček, INTERCODEC Founder&CEO.

INTERCODEC is a consulting company focused on the optimization and implementation of complete business processes, Salesforce and corporate education. The goal of INTERCODEC is a satisfied customer in the first place. The company strives to provide professional help in implementing new information systems and technologies especially from Salesforce.