Milan, Politecnico University, March 15, 2017

Export Digital: a challenge, many opportunities

However, take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Export Digital, is not a simple challenge; for this reason, the Osservatorio Export has organized a conference that has as its goal to provide support and preparation to Italian companies.
The conference, sponsored by CRIF, will provide the tools to develop their own digital Export models, through response to some of the most crucial questions that arise when a company opens itself to the foreign market.
The results of the research will be discussed with some of the leading Italian companies in the Food and Fashion, logistics operators, IT service providers, banks and credit institutions.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 15, 2017 from 9:30 to 13:00 at Politecnico - the Aula Carassa-Dadda, BL.28 building, via Lambruschini 4, campus Bovisa - Milano

Participation is free, and for all subscribers to the site

You can follow the conference live Web - Osservatorio Export