This KBC group bank relied on a best practice model and solution to overhaul its business loan origination


Needing to improve our customer value propostion for small and medium sized business loan origination,  we adopted a 360 degree approach with a solid foundation from an organizational, credit management and technology perspective and focused on defining the best process design and credit workflow to meet our needs.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we sought out the best practice approach in the bank group for the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) segment and adopted their solution. As a result the customer experience, also for bank branch staff, was greatly improved, with dramatic reductions in time-to-yes and time-to-disbursement, improved data quality and freeing up bank resources to sell and service customers.  CRIF's products' business user-focused process design tools empowered K&H's  analysts to take on, modify and implement many new processes on their own. We appreciate the partnership approach and strong project governance that CRIF provides, and recognize CRIF's expertise in loan origination solutions.'

COMPANY: K&H Bank in Hungary, part of the KBC Group.

NEEDS: Launching small and medium sized business lending and needing a new loan origination process and solution.

SOLUTION: CRIF Credit Management Platform configurable products,  CreditFlow for credit process management, and StrategyOne, for decision management.


  • Full automation of credit and loan contract generation for simple loan types,
  • and high levels of automation for more complex loans,
  • leading to decreased time from request until decision by up to 70% for simple process loans and decreased time from request until decision by up to 60% for complex process loans,
  • additionally, resources were freed up, data quality improved and obtained better control and understanding of process, decision-making and overall software solution.


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