Digitalization transforms the ways in which it is possible to support markets in a disruptive way, improving customer engagement and the customer experience. What’s more, in many sectors disintermediation processes are rapidly accelerating, leading distributors and manufacturers to offer increasingly sophisticated services and products and to create new cross-industry value chains.

Continuous innovation, the use of the most advanced technologies, and an Information Management culture are inherent characteristics of CRIF’s DNA and underlie the significant investments in research and development.
For more than 30 years, CRIF has helped its partners on a daily basis to take the right decisions through a distinctive mix of business knowledge, information and technology, incorporated within an offering of solutions recognized by its clients on a global level as leverage to reach the next level.

Through the acquisition of Credit Data Research Realtime Holdings Ltd. CRIF has become the first player in the credit information sector to be registered as an AISP in more than 20 European countries. CRIF has then completed its coverage as an AISP through the registration of CRIF RealTime Ireland, bringing the number to 31 European countries.

CRIF and Innovation


FinTech Meets InsurTech:
Alliance in SME Financial Services

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INNOVATION bolsters market position with CRIF partnership

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Why choose a container platform? CRIF Global Technologies' experience

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Robotic Process Automation: CRIF Global Technologies experience 

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CRIF and Fondazione Golinelli launch "I-Tech Innovation 2021"

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CRIF named to prestigious top 100 IDC Fintech Rankings

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CRIF invests in YOLO’s share capital 

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CRIF focuses on APIfication

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Strategic partnership for CRIF and SIA in Italy and Europe

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InnovEcoS is the CRIF global innovation hub that aims at creating and implementing a powerful and customer-oriented ecosystem based on collaboration among Fintechs.

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The impulse that makes business evolve

CRIF.Digital offers solutions that allow your company to enhance and speed up digital transformation, improve the online customer experience and give a new boost to business growth.

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CRIF: more value to clients through the GT Journey

Interviewed by Data Manager Magazine, Davide Raitano, CRIF Corporate Chief Information Officer, presents the multi-year plan of the Global Technologies division to meet the challenges of digital transformation, focusing on four key areas: people, agility, technology and branding.

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Discover the new CRIF Global Technologies corporate video

CRIF Global Technologies, CRIF’s IT division with over 1,500 IT professionals across the world, several hubs and a state-of-the-art Test Factory, combines the reliability of a multinational enterprise with the flexibility of a FinTech company.

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Omnichannel Smart Onboarding

CRIF acquired majority stake in Inventia - the digital identification software company. Using Inventia's technology, CRIF has strengthened its ‘Omnichannel Smart Onboarding’ platform for credit processes, enriching it with components that increase the user experience in the 'Phygital' interaction with the end customer.

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PROJECT WORK CRIF-UNIBO: Backtesting KRI Single File Review

Project work carried out by CRIF-Unibo as part of the Level II Master’s in Quantitative Risk Management.

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