CRIF in Singapore

CRIF in Singapore

offers business information services and provisioning solutions to the market.


CRF operates in Singapore offering credit management systems, consultancy services and software through its company CRIF Pte Ltd. and business information solutions through CRIF BizInsights company. CRIF helps local operators to develop more efficient and innovative credit and risk management processes.

Solutions & Consulting

CRIF in Singapore provides advisory services for governance, risk assessment and the best approach to manage the credit value chain in an evolving regulatory context and increasingly sophisticated and fast market. 

Meeting customers’ needs in a targeted manner is an everyday goal, thanks to a wide range of advanced value-added solutions that CRIF people have developed in over 30 years of data analysis and management experience, constantly striving to improve technology and data security with commitment and passion.

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Business Information

CRF BizInsights is a world-leading business information provider operating in Singapore. As a licensee of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) database, CRF BizInsights customers have access to the latest official corporate information in Singapore to make informed business decisions.

The company is uniquely positioned as a technology-driven information provider with customised data capabilities to serve innovative information users with API and specific data feed, as well as traditional PDF reports. CRIF BizInsights goal is to provide high quality, official data with global coverage through efficient information access tools with cost-effective solutions.

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