Tiresias Credit Bureau provides valued-added services which leverage data and analytics

“In the presence of an unprecedented financial crisis which affected the income of most consumers and consequently the viability of a large number of Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs) in Greece, the credit bureau scoring system performance has been guaranteed by close monitoring, continuous review and adaptation of the models in collaboration with CRIF. In addition, the robustness of the designed models has so far allowed the system to withstand the market dynamics successfully, with only small performance deteriorations rejecting the large disturbances which occurred during the crisis.”

Tiresias and CRIF worked together to set up and fine tune the banking system's scoring system, showing how beneficial the cooperation with a third party credit bureau can be.  

CLIENT: Tiresias, credit bureau in Greece, founded as a non-profit organisation, specialized today in the collection and supply of credit profile data on corporate entities and private individuals and the operation of a risk consolidation system regarding consumer credit.


  • Promote and safeguard credit provided by banks;
  • Reduce insolvency risk, benefiting both the banking system and its clients;
  • Assuring reliable transactions and, consequently, the smooth running of the Greek credit market.

SOLUTION: Creation of an accurate and stable credit bureau scoring system in an increasingly mature credit market to successfully launch scoring services to the whole market, thus changing the relationship between the credit bureau and banks and leveraging the availability of negative data.


  • A credit bureau scoring system which summarizes all the information contained in the credit report of an individual in a number of potential risk factors;
  • Synthetic, objective and easy-to-implement predictive analytics solution to optimize the value of data in support of customer needs.

Find out more about this case study and how a credit bureau scoring system can be used as a powerful instrument to improve and enhance credit processes.

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