People Satisfaction

CRIF periodically carries out a satisfaction survey aimed at giving a voice to the needs of employees and to understand the working environment.
In the most recent editions of the CRIF Global People Satisfaction Survey, participation levels reached over 90%. We are very proud of the results, and we'll keep working every day to do even better!

Smart working

To be efficient and agile, it is necessary to be smart, and for this reason CRIF has been giving its employees the chance to work remotely for some years, taking advantage of modern collaboration tools: 8 hours/4 times a month or 4 hours/8 times a month. In 2018, a new office was inaugurated, pioneering in terms of smart working: CRIF Campus

Evolution, CRIF Corporate Academy

CRIF supports its staff in their professional growth through an in-house corporate academy, where every member of staff has a training curriculum related to the skills to be developed, to their level of seniority and to the business unit they belong to. Special attention is paid to the topics of innovation and digital transformation.