People Development

CRIF has identified various areas for development to build a fertile environment for growth in potential, as well as for the career opportunities of every employee and co-worker. We offer our talent front line support, providing the possibility to attend training courses based on their professional profile, and offering real opportunities to increase the skills and knowledge of everyone.

Performance management

The Performance Management process is based on two approaches: quantitative, based on results (pay for results), and qualitative, based on behavioral assessment through continuous feedback during the year.

People model

The CRIF People Model describes the key information for each role in the company (Mission, Job Description, Eligibility, Skills) and the growth paths for the different professional figures. Everyone can find the most suitable role for them.


CRIF promotes initiatives aimed at developing a global corporate culture, increasing the opportunities for exchanges and skill sharing between employees based in different countries. Three initiatives are proposed by CRIF as part of the “move and grow” projects: Job Posting, Project Posting and Exchange Plan.
Each path is supported by the HR department as well as a career counselor, ready to identify, together with the employee, the growth path (both vertical and horizontal) which best reflects his or her needs.