The constant research for new talent has led us to work with universities and national training institutions over the years. We have in fact initiated and organized the teaching for Master's and advanced training courses for recent graduates. Moreover, we offer 6-month training internships to help create tomorrow's managers.

Unibo-CRIF Master's in Quantitative Risk Management

This full-time level II Master's in Quantitative Risk Management came about from collaboration between the University of Bologna and CRIF. The aim of the Master's is to train experts in the risk management of financial intermediaries, able to perform tasks related to both financial market trend analysis and the definition of market and credit risk management strategies.
In particular, the Master's provides the skills to deal with emerging aspects in risk measurement and management in the context of recent regulatory developments. CRIF offer grants to the top candidates in the selection ranking.

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IFOA-CRIF-Nomisma Advanced Training Courses

CRIF, in partnership with the IFOA, the Chamber of Commerce work and training agency, and Nomisma, the economic research and consultancy firm, have set up two training courses for “Functional Analysts” and “Big Data Analysts” aimed at introducing carefully selected and trained professionals into the economic-financial sector.