CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
CRIF: credit bureau services, business information systems, and credit and risk management solutions to support banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, telco, utilities and general businesses  in every phase of the customer relationship cycle. From strategic planning to the final acquisition and management of the client's portfolio. CRIF also allows consumers to access their credit information, and assists them in making more secure decisions in credit and real estate markets.

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CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
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Real Estate Information

CRIF RES, the CRIF Group team specializing in property services, offers comprehensive solutions through its Real Estate Information suite for the retrieval and management of property information and for property credit collection. It carries out more than 400,000 information searches a year for over 70 clients comprising leading credit institutions.
Press Releases

Chichester, UK, The Goodwood Hotel - November 3-4
​CRIF will sposor The Fraud Summit which will be held at The Goodwood Hotel in Chichester on November 3-4.
London, The Brewery, October 6, 2016
​CRIF will sponsor The Insurance Fraud Awards 2016, which will be held at The Brewery in London on October 6, 2016.
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Bologna (Italy), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Krakow (Poland), July 27, 2016
​CRIF has announced today the acquisition of Deltavista’s operations in Germany and Poland. Deltavista is one of the leading providers of credit bureau data and risk management services in Germany and Poland, helping organizations optimize risk management and their address processes with accurate data on private individuals and companies.
Barcelona, Spain, 30 June 2016
​CRIF Ratings (CRIF) believes that the unexpected results of the UK referendum held in 23 June 2016 and the unsettled Spanish political agenda is likely to slow down the activities on the Spanish corporate debt capital markets in the following months.
Bologna, Italy, 28 June 2016
​CRIF Ratings believes that debt availability for small and mid-caps in 2016 may be constrained as a direct result of the financial market turbulences triggered by the unexpected outcome of the “Brexit” referendum held on June 23.
Flash News

​The Level II Master's Degree in Quantitative Risk Management was developed through a collaboration between CRIF and the University of Bologna. The Master's provides the skills to deal with emerging aspects in risk measurement and management. CRIF offers 5 grants of € 5,000, which will be allocated to the top five candidates in the selection ranking.