CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
CRIF: credit bureau services, business information systems, and credit and risk management solutions to support banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, telco, utilities and general businesses  in every phase of the customer relationship cycle. From strategic planning to the final acquisition and management of the client's portfolio.
CRIF also allows consumers to access their credit information, and assists them in making more secure decisions in credit and real estate markets.

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CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
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Scoring Models for portfolio management

​From the standpoint of an efficient reengineering of all decision processes, CRIF’s credit scoring models allow the definition of a more objective, consistent credit policy and better management and communication with the commercial network. Marketing scoring models serve as a valid aid in boosting the profitability of an existing portfolio and attracting the most lucrative prospects.
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Las Vegas, Nevada, October 13-15, 2015
BAI Retail Delivery 2015
​CRIF Lending Solutions will be present at BAI Retail Delivery 2015. Organised by BAI, the event focuses on resolving key challenges and identifying new opportunities for better growth and profitability. BAI is a financial services association and leading industry resource for breakthrough information and intelligence.
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Portland, Oregon, October 6-8, 2015
Northwest Credit Union League Annual Business Meeting

CRIF Lending Solutions will be present at the Northwest Credit Union League Annual Business Meeting​. The Northwest Credit Union Association is the trade association representing more than 160 credit unions in Washington and Oregon, and affiliated credit unions in Idaho, Hawaii, and Alaska.

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Amman, Jordan, August 20, 2015
Looking at Jordan’s credit sector, the microfinance (MFI) market accounts for about 185,000 loans per year, with an annual growth of 20%. The economy is growing at a very high rate and this is expected to reach 4.5% in 2017. In addition, the inflation rate, still in the mid-single digit range, is expected to fall in the coming years.
Compared to developed credit markets, where consumer credit applications to the banking system account for on average one third of the population on an annual basis, in Jordan this figure could increase to 40-50% considering all the eligible credit providers, which include lending institutions, banks, microfinance organizations, telcos, insurance companies and retailers.
“In recent years, SKY Credit Management has focused its attention on the management of non-performing credit, with the aim of increasing the efficiency and performance of collection actions, as well as optimizing billing and payment processes, in particular for the “charges and penalties” component,” explained Fabio Polselli, Head of Credit Management at SKY Italia, a leading company in the media sector.
Flash News

Istanbul, July 7, 2015
CRIF and Dun & Bradstreet Turkey carry out the 2015 survey of Turkish businesses

CRIF and Dun & Bradstreet Turkey carried out a cross-industry survey for Fortune 500 Turkey for the eighth year in a row, which was announced in the July issue of the Fortune Turkey magazine following a press conference held in Istanbul.

The study, which analyzed various indicators and trends related to companies from all industry sectors, was published in Fortune 500 Turkey, is widely recognized as an indicator of the health of the business community and serves as a reliable benchmark for investors.

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