CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
CRIF: credit bureau services, business information systems, and credit and risk management solutions to support banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, telco, utilities and general businesses  in every phase of the customer relationship cycle. From strategic planning to the final acquisition and management of the client's portfolio.
CRIF also allows consumers to access their credit information, and assists them in making more secure decisions in credit and real estate markets.

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CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
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Eurisc 2.0

EURISC 2.0 is an innovative solution from the CRIF Credit Reporting System, which is available to banks and financial institutions to enable them to respond ever more effectively to business challenges in a new era of credit.
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Palm Desert, California, November 4-6, 2015
California Credit Union League Show
​CRIF Lending Solutions will be present at the California Credit Union League Show which will be held from 4 to 6 November in Palm Desert, California.
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Las Vegas, Nevada, October 13-15, 2015
BAI Retail Delivery 2015
​CRIF Lending Solutions will be present at BAI Retail Delivery 2015. Organised by BAI, the event focuses on resolving key challenges and identifying new opportunities for better growth and profitability. BAI is a financial services association and leading industry resource for breakthrough information and intelligence.
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Jakarta, September 29, 2015
​CRIF has recently strengthened its offer and now also provides business information services in Indonesia. Thanks to CRIF business information services, Indonesian companies will be able to access in-depth credit, financial and business information on over 200 million companies in more than 230 countries around the world.
Warsaw, Poland, September 18, 2015
CRIF has announced the launch a new business line, part of the suite of services, to offer a unique and innovative solution in the field of financial information for small and medium enterprises in Poland.
Vienna, September 1, 2015
​A reason for Austrian companies to be happy: as a current study conducted by CRIF shows, the payment behavior of consumers in Austria is excellent. Indeed, it has even improved in comparison to the previous year. The proportion of the Austrian population with outstanding invoices has fallen by 15 percent.
Flash News

​Once again this year, the CRIF Finance Meeting, held in Bologna (Italy) on October 6, was an opportunity to meet and learn about current and future challenges in the credit industry. Over the course of the day, more than 20 speakers and over 300 professionals came together to discuss developments in the credit market.