CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
CRIF: credit bureau services, business information, analytics and decisioning, business process outsourcing, consultancy, software to support financial, insurance, utility and service companies in every phase of the customer relationship cycle. From strategic planning to the final acquisition and management of the client's portfolio.
CRIF also allows consumers to access their credit information, and assists them in making more secure decisions in credit and real estate markets.
CRIF: worldwide business information systems, decision-support models, consultancy and management solutions
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Scoring Models for debt collection

​From the standpoint of an efficient reengineering of all decision processes, CRIF Decision Solutions’ credit scoring models allow the definition of a more objective, consistent credit policy and better management and communication with the commercial network. Marketing scoring models serve as a valid aid in boosting the profitability of an existing portfolio and attracting the most lucrative prospects.
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London, Armoury House, September 30, 2014
CRIF is exhibiting at the Marketforce’s Motor Insurance Summit, which will take place on September 30 at the Armoury House, City Road, London, EC1Y 2BQ. This year’s event will focus on the impact of investigations conducted by the Competition Commission and FCA, explore the potential of data analytics and cover the latest developments in claims, fraud and automotive technology.
London, September 23 to 25, 2014
CRIF is exhibiting at the LAW2014 event, which will be held at the Olympia Conference Centre in London from September 23 to 25. Come along to visit us at our exhibition booth and learn more on CRIF’s products and services for the legal profession.
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San Diego, California, 25-28, September 2014
Symitar Educational Conference & Technology Expo
London, Le Meridien, September 18, 2014
Insurance Data & Analytics
CRIF is exhibiting at the Insurance Data and Analytics event, which will take place on September 18 at Le Meridien in London. The event will cover the latest topics, from big analytics to enterprise cloud solutions. Come along and visit us at our exhibition booth where CRIF Sales Consultants will be happy to provide more information.
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Mumbai, India, September 9, 2014
Europe based CRIF acquired majority stake in the Indian credit bureau in June 2014.
High Mark Credit Information Services Private Limited (High Mark) on Tuesday announced that post the acquisition of majority stake in the company by Europe based CRIF, High Mark will now be called CRIF High Mark.
Manila, Philippines, and Bologna, Italy, July 15, 2014
CRIF, a global solutions provider operating in 4 continents supporting more than 3,100 banks and financial institutions and 25,000 companies, has announced the kick off of the national credit bureau project for the Credit Information Corporation (CIC). The International Finance Corporation (IFC, the World Bank Group member institution specializing in private sector development), the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP) and a number of major local banks took part in the kick off event organized to analyze the specific requirements and customizations of the new information system.
​Misrepresentation at point of quote or sale has arguably been one of the biggest growth areas in insurance fraud. So why is the insurance industry seeing this trend and is it set to get worse? ​The economic climate and pressure on budgets can be seen as a contributory factor. Insurance consumers, who lack brand loyalty, are in the habit of shopping around for their insurance and are aware of the principle of quote manipulation by misrepresenting their personal details. Public attitudes, despite industry efforts, remain in the large unconcerned – protecting your assets for the lowest possible price is almost seen as accepted practice…’doesn’t everybody do it really?’
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On-boarding processes are a very crucial point when acquiring new customers. If they are not managed efficiently high dropout rates may be a consequence, especially in e-commerce where due to the lack of a personal relationship technical barriers cannot be compensated.
There are many on-boarding processes where at some stage an (ID) document is required as an integrated part.
Scanning, copying, uploading or posting documents could be a complex and tedious task for many customers, which may be a good reason to abandon the transaction. On the other hand a sophisticated document review requires trained teams within a company to process incoming documents in detail. The cross checking of documents with the already provided application data is time consuming and error-prone.
This situation is applicable not only for e-commerce and online banking but also for the captive auto and insurance industry when it comes to customer management at the POS.