Press Releases
Press Releases
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Barcelona/Bologna, 10 October 2017
​Acesa and Invicat Catalan Concessions Will Expire in 2021
Barcelona, October 9, 2017
Catalan Exports to Suffer the Most in case of a Unilateral Independence Declaration.
CRIF Ratings (CRIF) does not expect a significant impact on Catalonia’s GDP as a result of a change in the legal domicile of companies and/or banks’.
Bologna (Italy) and Jakarta (Indonesia), September 22, 2017
CRIF, a global company specializing in credit bureau, business information and credit solutions, has announced today the acquisition of PT Visi Globalindo Data Utama (PT Visi), a major business information provider based in Jakarta.
Bologna, Italy, September 20, 2017
​The analysis contained in the latest update of the Assofin-CRIF-GfK Survey highlights the similarities and differences between the situations in various countries in terms of the diffusion of electronic payment instruments and the preference for credit cards or debit cards.
Bologna, Italy, September 12, 2017
The most comprehensive ranking of the top 100 global technology suppliers in the financial services industry.
Bologna (Italy) and Moscow (Russia), August 22, 2017
Luxbase, established in 2005 by a team of professionals, developed the first version of the "Contact" collection system in 2006 for the automation of debt recovery processes.
Shanghai, China, July 26, 2017
On July 26, 2017, CRIF and Tongdun Technology, leader in intelligent risk control in the Chinese market, signed a strategic collaboration agreement in Shanghai. The two companies aim to build an ‘intelligent integrity network’ by exploring data information services, big data and credit information platforms, and by leveraging risk management expertise and solutions in order to achieve financial inclusion with the provision of technology and data protection.
Bologna, Italy
​On July 24th, 2017 Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A. (‘Campari’ or ‘the group’), rated ‘BBB-/Stable by CRIF Ratings (the ‘Agency’), has announced the disposal of its fully owned subsidiary TJ Carolan & Son Ltd (‘TJ Carolan’) to the US spirits producer Heaven Hill Brands.
Barcelona/Bologna, 24 July 2017
​Amount and Funding of the Transaction Would Be Key
Milano, Italy
​CRIF Ratings comments on market dynamics in H1 2017
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