Flash News
Flash News
London, September 28-29, 2017
​On September 28 and 29, 2017, CRIF took part in the sixth edition of NPL Europe, a conference of international standing held in London, involving about 350 top managers belonging to the world of investment and coming from over 30 different countries.
​Ensuring a balance between the maximum acceptance rate and minimization of bad debts due to non-paying customers and fraudsters.
With almost 20 years of collaboration between CRIF and T-Mobile, the attention paid to fraud prevention has increased since 2011. Now T-Mobile decided to use the latest automated tool developed by CRIF to prevent fraud: the Fraud Prevention Kit.
Bologna, Italy, September 27, 2017
In the Far East, CRIF has opened two new office in the Republic of Singapore and in Malaysia, further strengthening its presence in a highly strategic region, where it has been operating for several years through operations in China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam.
​On September 21, 2017, CRIF organized the “Enhanced Credit Bureau Score” event in Jamaica, held at the Terranova All Suite Hotel, in Kingston. The event was a great success, with the participation of around 90 delegates from the financial and banking sectors.
On Tuesday June 20 at the Grand Hotel Continental in Bucharest, CRIF organized its first official event in Romania, an Executive Round Table on the roadmap towards paperless digital banking.
The result of collaboration between the University of Bologna and CRIF, the Master's in Quantitative Risk Management aims to train experts in market, credit and liquidity risk management. CRIF provides 5 grants. Watch the video testimonials of the participants from the first edition.
​CRIF, along with its affiliated company Dun & Bradstreet Turkey, carried out the survey for Fortune 500 Turkey for the tenth year in a row. The list was published in the July issue of the Fortune Turkey magazine following a press conference held in Istanbul.
Zurich, July 6, 2017
​For the first time, CRIF AG has analyzed the number of companies established in the first six months of 2017 and the number of companies removed in the same period. The largest net growth was recorded in the Zürich, Vaud and Aargau cantons, while Obwalden canton showed a negative balance.
​Helping companies improve cash flow and reduce payment delays
On June 5, 2017, CRIF launched a new service on the Slovakian market called “Platby pod kontrolou“, meaning “payments under control“. This service will be able to significantly help many companies to deal with payment delays.
Barcelona, Spain, 26 June 2017
According to a study performed by CRIF Ratings (CRIF) on the evolution of several operating parameters of non-financial companies listed in the Ibex Medium Cap (IMC), it emerges that over the past five years the average operating efficiency of these companies has deteriorated, despite a notable reduction of the debt and a slight improvement in operating margins.
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