CRIF for Insurance Companies
CRIF for Insurance Companies

CRIF assists insurance companies in every phase of their activity, offering a complete range of high quality services:

  • Software solutions: risk management, fraud investigation.  
  • Decision support models: analysis of portfolio accident rate, customer evaluation.
  • Outsourcing, software and consulting services.

In the insurance market, management is increasingly interested in issues such as increases in fraud at all stages, cost rationalization, and access to impartial tools which can be used to set targets. Access to a wide range of data sources in real time has become a decisive competitive factor. Integrated information systems and the specific skills needed to get the most out of them are needed to balance business risks and opportunities in order to optimize business processes.
As the leading provider of decision support systems in Italy and a major player internationally, CRIF offers insurance companies qualified support in insurance risk assessment and management in every phase; from customer acquisition to portfolio management, claims settlement and fraud investigation.

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London, July 17, 2017
Markerstudy processes many millions of motor insurance quotes per day and was seeking a solution to enable the business to validate risk more accurately and earlier in the process. In order to screen for potential fraud and data manipulation whilst returning quotes at high speed, Markerstudy needed an automated and configurable solution that could both scale and adapt to business need.

Pet Insurance – A Growth Opportunity

The UK is renowned as a nation of dog and cat lovers, yet according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), of the 17 million dogs and cats owned by households in the UK, only 3.9 million are covered by pet insurance – equating to just 25% of dogs and 15% of cats.  This low penetration represents significant opportunities within the pet insurance sector which grew by 11.8% in 2014 (according to Timetric) driven by increases in the cost of veterinary treatment and improved public awareness of the benefits of cover.