CRIF for Financial Institutions
CRIF for Financial Institutions
CRIF solutions integrate credit and business information, decision-support models, outsourcing, software and consultancy services which allows the direction of strategic development to be defined, the market share to be improved, credit risk reduction and management of the business in a more effective way, while reducing costs.
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Bologna, Italy, September 20, 2017
​The analysis contained in the latest update of the Assofin-CRIF-GfK Survey highlights the similarities and differences between the situations in various countries in terms of the diffusion of electronic payment instruments and the preference for credit cards or debit cards.

Property Information Search

Information to verify and monitor property assets.
By accessing information from Land Registry Offices around the country, the CRIF Property Information Search service enables a quick and accurate assessment to be carried out of the properties owned by a subject, as well as to obtain information on the existence of any legal situations that may affect the value, and to monitor the status over time.

CRIF Credit Framework

​Information, know-how, insight & technology to achieve sound & optimized decision-making and compliant processes in every phase of the credit life cycle.